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Strategic Marketing and Management: Analysis and Solutions

The main area of our Company’s activities is development of brands marketing strategy and promotion tactics aimed at strengthening brands’  position and gaining market leadership, and professional marketing researches.

The world is changing rapidly. Constantly increasing speed of innovations development and emergence of new technologies, new channels, growing consumer demands – this is the reality of the business nowadays. 

Our clients are the largest international and national companies working around the world. In order to take the best strategic and tactical decisions every day, they need to know what is happening now and what may happen in the future. They need more than just data - they need effective recommendations based on thorough analysis results. People having knowledge are always ahead of others.

Prophesy is not our specialty, but our motto is - «Marketing as a Science». Our specialists are proficient in scientific methods and approaches to marketing, they are professionals in the sphere of preparing high-quality analytics and providing effective recommendations based on the up to date technologies. 

Our unique position allows to combine and analyze our own and third parties’ data to create essential market and consumer insights, solutions and recommendations. ​

FusionLab is the legal successor of GfK Kazakhstan, founded in 2005, and a partner of GfK - the largest international company, the world leader in marketing research and other research activities.

FusionLab provides services connected with conducting marketing / sociological / epidemiological / other types of research, as well as analysis of clients’ internal reports, consulting in the sphere of marketing and sales in the markets of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Mongolia and the Caucasus.


Welcome to FusionLab!


Sholpan Ibrayeva

General  Director


FusionLab has been working in the Kazakhstan market since 2005 as a subsidiary of GfK in Kazakhstan.


FusionLab has the following distinguishing features in the Kazakhstan market:

FusionLab Kazakhstan is the only company comprising 3 subdivisions, which allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients:


  ✓ Custom Research Department for different markets and industries

  ✓ Household Panel for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market

  ✓ Retail Audit of the household appliances and electronics market in cooperation with GfK Rus

Independent secondary control system used for checking data under each project by international units (located outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan) using special software allows to ensure high accuracy of primary data.

Apart from various types of research, we provide services connected with consulting (full cycle) and organization of different events (brainstorms, seminars, symposia, discussions, workshops) as project support for clients’ teams .

Using innovative scientific technologies and GfK branded methodologies, we transform big data into unique business solutions that allow to increase company's competitiveness in the market through understanding consumers, their needs and requirements.

We are always focused on the needs of our Clients!


Talina Yermukhambetova
Managing Director


Custom Research

FusionLab Custom Research Department is a reliable source of information about market and consumers, allowing our clients to make correct and balanced business decisions. We provide customized solutions for your marketing tasks. 

Professional analysts with international market experience will find the best approach to solving your marketing tasks, taking into account the industry local features.

Our agency provides a full range of services in the sphere of market research. In cooperation with us you get more than just a research. Our clients and partners, their requests and problems are the key to everything we do. Our experts combine knowledge of different spheres, research tools and processes to enable our clients to make informed business decisions.

The most important task in any research is to collect correct primary data for subsequent analysis. Our Custom Research Department  implements a multi-stage independent data control procedure for each project involving both Kazakhstani and international independent experts using special software. Data processing and additional control are conducted in Russia / Ukraine / ROC centers, which allows avoiding conflict of interest in the process of data collection and verification / control.

Methods and approaches developed by GfK, which FusionLab uses as the successor and the sole partner of GfK in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Mongolia and the Caucasus, receive international awards for science based innovative solutions in understanding the relationship between brand and consumer (Harvard Business Review, ARF, etc. .) 

Our international experts could perform audit of reports upon Client’s  request .

Project work is based on collaboration of two teams: team of industry experts and team of experts in GfK methodological solutions .

As a part of any project Client's team receives full range of services from methodological consulting and project design development to conducting of seminars / brainstorms / group discussions / trainings based on the project results.

Close cooperation of FusionLab with GfK, as well as marketing / advertising / PR agencies in implementation of projects  (upon Client’s request), allows to optimize the process of development of uniform agreed solutions in a complete marketing cycle. 

We help our clients to develop a successful strategy by transforming research findings into real strategic business opportunities.


Zarina Yermukhambetova

Head of Custom Research Department


Askar Bultekov

Head of Healthcare and Pharmacy Researches Department


Consumer Panel

Your business — is your customers. Therefore, if you want to find opportunities for further growth and be sure that your products and services meet their needs — you need to understand your customers.

FusionLab is the only research company in the Kazakhstan market that provides data of Kazakhstan Household Panel regarding home consumption of fast moving consumer goods, using continuous samle data that have been collected since 2006. 

FusionLab Household Panel will provide you with valuable information about your consumers, namely: who they are (complete socio-demographic profile), what consumer habits they have, what trade channels they use, what categories and brands they buy, what is the frequency and volume of their purchases, and other data related to purchase of fast moving consumer goods for home consumption. Our consumer panel covers all trade channels, including organized retail, open markets, street trading, internet and trade networks. ​

Using our special methodological tools, we select various analytical solutions for each client in any category:

  • Gain&loss analysis will show actual and potential switching of purchase volumes from one brand to  another, potential cannibalization within onlу manufacturer’s brands portfolio etc.

  • Customer migration analysis will provide information on the share of new, repeat and lost customers for a certain brand, importance of certain categories of customers in terms of their contribution to the purchase of certain brand for home consumption by volume or value.

  • Analysis of major customers identifies categories of customers with higher / lower volume of purchases by volume or value in a certain group, as well as describes demographic profile of each group.

Household Panel identifies the key trends in home consumption, allows to divide consumers into segments to define target audience and find market opportunities, thereby optimizing practical strategies for growth and strengthening of market position.


Aiman Yerturina
Client Service Manager


Retail Audit (GfK Rus)

Due to market pressure, manufacturers and retailers have to continually develop products and services that maximize sales and profits and attract returning customers.

​Success in this sphere depends on availability of the most recent retail sales data and understanding of which products and services are in demand in the market and which are not. With this knowledge companies can create clear strategies for ensuring business growth and increasing investment profitability.

Our experts in retail sales monitoring provide customers with the most up-to-date information on what goods are sold, where, and at what price. Using actual sales data from retailers and resellers, we help our customers to monitor market share, brand performance and competitiveness, as well as analyze global and local market trends.

Information collected by us allows customers to align product availability with anticipated market demand and to optimize product range, sales activities and pricing strategy.


Igor Kim
Head of Department

Copyright Protection

In the context of more and more tough competition and active struggle for consumer choice the problem of protecting brands from unfair competition becomes especially urgent.


We can offer you special types of marketing research helping you to assess similarity of different packages, determine the degree of brands identification on the shelf by consumers, determine indicator showing possibility of confusing your brand with unscrupulous competitor’s brand  by consumers, determine the degree of each design elements’ similarity and overall brand design, identify key design elements for identification of your brand, etc. among different target audiences (loyal consumers, new consumers, consumers of competitors’ products) based on various socio-demographic indicators.


Based on the results of such studies, you can also assess such indicators as estimated lost profit / sales volumes / market share, etc.

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Outsourcing and Outstaffing Services

Upon your request we can provide outsourcing and outstaffing services in the following areas:

✓ Marketing researches (any types of researches)

✓ Analysis of internal reports in sales and marketing

✓ Brand management

✓ Design development

✓ Advertising materials development

✓ Other

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